07 February 2006

The Face of a Desperado

Take a look at this photograph. This is the face of a desperado--at least what is considered to be a desperado, a grave threat to the state. Publius Pundit has more of the story behind the photograph, and links to more details.

It is sad when a nation's leader feels so threatened by a fragile young woman's voice, that he is willing to put her on trial before a one-man judge/jury/prosecutor, and deny her the right to speak in court at her own trial. That is the sign of a corrupt government. Where do you find such governments in the world? Zimbabwe? North Korea? Iran? Cuba? Well, yes, you do, but this young woman is not being railroaded to decades in prison in any of those countries, simply for being a democracy organiser. Try again.

Once, such injustice might have occurred in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina. Now, one particular country is perpetrating this type of outrage at a rapid rate, as if to catch up to the failed latin dictatorships of the past.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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