23 January 2006


Laughter may have the power to unlock the genes. Geneticist Kazuo Murakami has been studying the effects of laughter on humans.

His latest experiment with the entertainment firm spotted at least 23 genes that can be activated. Eighteen of them are designed to work for immune response, signal transduction and cell cycle, while functions of the remaining five are still unknown.

Hat tip Biopsychology.com.

In a previous posting I mentioned psychoneuroimmunology, and Norman Cousins' approach to his own illness.

Zen teacher Alan Watts had a high regard for laughter. One of the most enlightening moments of my life was watching a video of Alan Watts laughing. I have accumulated a few meditation methods for my own use, out of the many dozens I have been exposed to. None of them are more effective than a good, timely belly laugh.

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