05 November 2005

Clash of Civilisations

Paris is burning, and typically most of the world's news media studiously ignores the implications of widespread muslim lawlessness in the middle of the City of Light. The City of Love, the gentle city of intimate passion, is being overrun by barbarians that spilled over from decaying Islamic civilisation. Night by night the riots extend further across France, and into neighboring nations. Germans are in denial about their own precarious position, very much like France's. All of Europe is under a de facto siege from the barbarous excess of a bankrupt culture.

This was predictable and widely predicted, if somewhat premature. A smarter group of barbarian invaders might have waited for more opportune circumstances. These invaders are anything but intelligent. Violence is their primary feature, what they consider their best feature. It must be prominently displayed or they fear they will be seen in less than their best light. They have no choice.

For a civilisation to propagate through the centuries, and millenia if fortunate, it must be able to defend itself while nurturing the best of its own. If the civilisation grows too weak to defend itself, or too decadent to nurture its best, it will collapse and be overrun.

In the tens of thousands of years between the origins of spoken human language, and the origins of written human language, what civilisations may have come and gone, lost to time? If we could only observe those far-flung human laboratories of genuine sociology. The rise and fall of religions, tribes, cults, ideologies. Limited in time and place due to limitations on indoctrination of followers to spoken word propagation. No less poignant for all that.

The insurrections of modern day France are preliminary skirmishes on the home front of western civilisation. Not since the gates of Vienna has Europe been threatened by outsiders. Will these clashes be the needed innoculation against decadence that the west has needed? Or will they be the signal of collapse of Europe?

Western civilisation must survive in some form, or the next few hundreds of years will be horrible for humanity. If the future of humanity rests in the hands of Iranian mullahs, Saudi Imams, or Chinese communists, the outlook will be bleak. Western civilisation is not perfect, but compared to every other it is incredibly enlightened.

Will the barbarians win by default? It is not an academic question.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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