13 August 2005

What of Love?

The road to the next level is also the road to financial success. Time, intelligence, wisdom, financial savvy, a profound understanding of. Life. will be busy, prosperous, and full. But what of love?

Love is like an ice cream flavor. Like everyone's favorite ice cream flavor. It is so much a favorite, it is also a daily quasi-required nutrient.

A person can live without love, but not very well. Living for centuries without love is a terrifying prospect.

Most people think of humans as a rational animal, above the other animals because of reasoning. If humans are able to reason better than other animals, it is only a matter of degree. Humans use emotional "fuzzy logic" for reasoning. It is a quicker form of reasoning than the formal logic of mathematics or computers, but less precise. Humans depend on their emotions for everyday thought. It is emotions and feelings that connect our minds to our bodies. Emotions are the basis of our reality.

Love is an emotion that stimulates the endocrine and immune systems of the human body to perform especially well. Love is essential for optimum health. Love suppresses other emotions that will stimulate the sometimes vital but for moderns physiologically damaging, fight or flight reflex. Without love the blood pressure easily rises, the heart gets stiff, the blood vessels lose their flexibility, tissues suffer.

Love is not a symphony. Love is an essential part of the symphony, the part that the audience waits for in anticipation. The reason people came to hear the performance.

Manfred Clyne, a neuroscientist and musician, learned something about the symphony of emotions. Clyne discovered a sequence of emotions which could be consciously triggered, resulting in the person feeling like he had just walked out of a very satisfying 2 hour movie, after only a few minutes of "sentic cycling." You know the feeling I mean--when a movie has really worked you over, but left you with a clean, positive feeling?
During the studies, Dr. Clynes was able to resolve at least 20 different emotional states, or Essentic Forms Patterns including: anger, hate, grief, love, sex, joy, reverence, and no-emotion. Others essentic forms studied included hope, courage, guilt, and shame. There are probably a lot more, but sometimes they are combinations of emotions, like envy.

This allowed Dr. Clynes to precisely map different physiological and behavior patterns based on the particular evoked emotion. __Source
Our emotions have to be exercised, must be acknowledged. Love is at the focal point. All emotions relate to love somehow. But all emotions are not love. They still must be exercised and experienced. Next levels will learn to treat their emotions with the respect and regard that they deserve. Love will earn the center position of the next level human's existence.


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