13 June 2005

Islam, and the new Dark Age

Imagine a world ruled by fanatical theocrats. Gone is the right of women to self-determination. Gone is the woman's right to educate herself, or to choose her own life's companion. Gone is the freedom to choose one's religion. Gone is any freedom of scientific research, or freedom of the press. You may as well close all the libraries, burn the books. Take a wrecking ball to all places of popular entertainment, to all the watering holes, movie theatres, nightclubs.

Islamic fanatics are willing to kill anyone in the world who stands in the way of the creation of such a world. They will kill atheists, christians, jews, hindus, or fellow muslims. Whoever stands in their way.

Next level humans will not be tuned to murder or war. A society of intelligent and long-lived people would find such actions abhorrent. One can easily see that the world of the Islamic fanatic and the world of the next level human cannot easily coexist. Next level humans will not be killers by nature. Yet they will be quite potent, quite powerful, due to their broadly reaching minds and strong wills.

Human history is full of examples of barbarian peoples conquering more civilised peoples. Often the civilised people cannot imagine the barbarity that some are capable of, and surrender to the barbarians without thinking the situation through clearly.

Our present between-levels human leadership is capable of surrendering to the barbarians. This is something that cannot be allowed to happen.

It is not enough to become more self sufficient in energy production, although that would be wise. The people who wish to destroy the secular west and replace it with a theocratic dictatorship must understand that civilised people are no more prone to surrender than barbarians. The barbarians must be faced with the utter ruin of their societies, even their religion. Total devastation of their own tribe, clan, family, and faith must fill their minds whenever they contemplate acting on their violent boasts toward the west. The prospect of devastation must seem very real to them, for that is the only way to avoid being forced to destroy them in reality.

Next level humans have not arrived on the scene. In order for them to have the chance to carry the banner of evolving humanity, it is up to us in the secular west to prevent the new dark age from falling on us.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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