07 June 2009

Telescoping Wing Rear-Ducted Skybike

This 3-wheel streamlined motorbike can sprout wings and fly. Designed for the road and for the sky, the Skybike can fly to 10,000 feet in cabin comfort complete with heating and cooling.
In prototype development at Swift Engineering in San Clemente, California, the SkyBike is designed to reach speeds of 80 mph over land or over 130 mph through the air. Standard features of the SkyBike will include flexible electronic instrument main panel that changes automatically from ground to flight, dual ground/air lighting system, navigation radio, ELT (emergency location transmitter) and not forgetting the comfort factor, leather seating for two plus 50 pounds luggage capacity.

Getting off the Ground

If you’re not a pilot you’ll still be able to buy an MMV, but the flight controls and wing lock will require a physical and electronic key that is granted only once proof of appropriate pilot license is shown. A better option for those without a pilot’s license might be the factory-built, ground only AeroBike.

There isn’t any word on pricing or availability for these flying motorcycles, but Samson Motorworks hopes to have ground versions available in early 2010. _Gizmag

Rear props or ducted fans work well for flight, and for airboats (or amphibious flyers), iceskimmers, and hovercraft. The SkyBike switches to a conventional transmission for wheeled ground travel. Should you wish to design submersible functionality into your multifunctional vehicle, you will need yet a different propulsion system.

No one said an all-purpose vehicle would be easy.

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