24 November 2008

Obama: Sad Clown Caricature of "Leadership"

Without leverage, the clever folk around Barack Obama are fleas without a dog. None of them invented anything, introduced an important new product, opened a new market, or did anything that reached into the lives of ordinary people. They wore expensive cufflinks, read balance sheets, exercised regularly, sat on philanthropic boards, and assumed that their flea's ride on the Reagan dog would last forever. _AsiaTimes
Watching Barak Obama in press conference is an exercise in amused and tolerant disgust. With every attempt to answer a question, Obama's lack of depth and absence of solidity become clearer.

The American voter, it seems, cannot distinguish between persons of depth and experience, and persons who only look good giving prepared speeches to adoring crowds. Obama has no substance, and it is beginning to show.

The size of national and international problems that Obama will have to address is staggering. Never has it been so important for the leader of the world hegemon to be prepared for anything, than at the present. And then the dupes elect Obama. Buckle up!
Failed financiers run the Obama transition team. It used to be that the heads of great industrial companies got the top Cabinet posts. Now it is the one-trick wizards....For a quarter of a century, the inbred products of the Ivy League puppy mills have known nothing but a rising trend in asset prices. About the origin of this trend, they were incurious....Now that the stock market has collapsed, the private equity strategies cannot repay their debt, and their returns have evaporated.

All they knew was leverage, and now that the world is de-levering, they are trying to put leverage back into the system. _AT
Obama is all about political leverage, in the same way that his pre-failed cabinet picks are all about economic and financial leverage. Getting something for nothing. It seems like magic. Until the magic is gone.

Again--buckle up!

Bonus Update: From Freakonomics, this interesting look at the inner workings of the minds of Obama voters when pressed to think of their lives taking an extreme downward turn. Notice that only one respondent--Adam Shephard--appears to have even half a clue about the reality of what an Obama depression would be like. Unfortunately for all of these quasi-intellectuals, should the real thing impact their lives, there is nothing in their inner fantasy lives that will prepare them for the loss and/or severe degradation of social and financial networks. Even Mr. Shephard underestimates the difficulty of undergoing a life of hardship when accompanied by a hundred million other downfallen souls. Not for the purposes of writing a book this time, Adam. The resources that are presently abundantly available in US communities to help those down on their luck, will be strained beyond breaking after Obama's dilettantes have meddled the private sector to death.

Special note for Obama voters: A bit of remedial instruction for reading blogs: text that is indented, italicized, or otherwise conspicuously set off from unmodified text is typically a "blockquote." You may not understand that blockquotes are blocks of text excerpted from another source. Links to the source material are typically placed following one or more blockquotes. If only one blockquote is sourced, it means that all quotes come from the one source. Otherwise, difference sources will be linked as necessary. Non Obama voters understand how these things go, but in these days of dumbed down schools clarification is often needed.

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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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