21 September 2008

Palin Express Picking Up Steam Across Heartland

As a frontier woman who fought corruption and won, she's the embodiment of independent womanhood. As the hunting and fishing beauty queen who got her man and went on to have five children, she's a potent symbol of the apple-pie American mother-figure. Her story is both epic and small time, heroic and ordinary, astonishing and familiar. _DailyMail
From rally to rally across the American heartland, Sarah Palin is drawing record crowds, and helping to fill the campaign coffers of running mate John McCain. Palin charms and intrigues most Americans on multiple levels--particularly American women.
[McCain's] pick of Idaho native Sarah Palin for vice president means McCain has a good chance to win Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and maybe even Colorado, which were all leaning toward Barack Obama. _SLCTrib
Palin is winning over men and women from both political parties--even libertarians. Her "frontier woman" story of hunting, fishing, surviving in harsh surroundings, and taking on large corrupt government and corporate interests, sounds like something straight out of a John Wayne movie, and for good reason.
When Sarah Palin appeared on the national stage, she was stepping into an archetype that already existed. In personality, looks, and behavior she resembled nothing less than our cultural image of the frontier woman. She was something out of history -- something that we already knew, were quite familiar with, and strongly approve of. But at the same time it's true that few people living (and those very aged) have ever met a frontier woman of the original breed.

...The importance of the frontier woman cannot be overrated, because it was the women, in the end, who broke the frontier. Mountain men and related types had been traversing the wilderness for decades before the Westward Migration got rolling, without leaving behind as much as a scratch on the landscape. It was the women -- and their families -- who made the land bend, who brought with them a sense of permanency, who civilized the frontier. Where men went, they created forts and outposts. When women followed, they established settlements and towns. _AmericanThinker
Frontier women civilised the frontier, after they helped tame it alongside the men. While Washington DC may not seem like a frontier to be tamed, in reality that is exactly what it has become--the frontier of corruption. That sad fact has been recently highlighted by the mega-billion dollar bailout for a problem that Congress itself created back in the Jimmy Carter administration, and amplified during the Bill Clinton administration. Expect a huge part of this $700 billion bailout to go to corrupt payoffs of friends of Barney Frank.

Big government is the problem. Obama wants to double the size of government. Where can Americans look for someone with a more objective viewpoint, and the toughness to do what has to be done? Somewhere far away from Washington DC. Somewhere where boys and girls are allowed to grow up to become men and women--strong men and women. Somewhere like Alaska, the last wild American frontier.

Palin draws rock-concert sized crowd of 60,000 in Florida

Why the news and entertainment media feels it absolutely must destroy Sarah Palin

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Blogger SwampWoman said...

I notice that the Daily Mail is not posting any comments that are favorable to Sarah Palin and only posting the unfavorables.

I know, because I and some of my friends tried to post notes about how much we admired her. She is one of us!

Sunday, 21 September, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

If anyone is to punish the media for its ham-fisted bias and dishonesty, it is ordinary people. Start thinking up suitable punishments.

Sunday, 21 September, 2008  

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