12 February 2007

Eric Drexler's "Engines of Creation 2.0" Free Download!

Eric Drexler's classic book on Nanotechnology is now out in version 2.0. It is available as a free download from Wowio. The new version includes updated information from Drexler as well as material from the famous Drexler--Smalley debates.
"Some seminal works stand out like beacons in the history of science. Newton's "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" and Watson and Crick's "A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid" come quickly to mind. In recent decades we can add Eric Drexler's "Engines of Creation," which established the revolutionary new field of nanotechnology. In the twenty years since this seminal work was published, its premises and analyses have been confirmed and we are starting to apply precise molecular assembly to a wide variety of early applications from blood cell sized devices that can target cancer cells to a new generation of efficient solar panels. We can now see clearly the roadmap over the next couple of decades to the full realization of Drexler's concept of the inexpensive assembly of macro objects constructed at the nanoscale controlled by massively parallel information processes, the fulfillment of which will enable us to solve problems -- energy, environmental degradation, poverty, and disease to name a few -- that have plagued humankind for eons."

-- Ray Kurzweil, inventor, and author of The Singularity is Near, When Humans Transcend Biology
from the Wowio description of EOC 2.0.

Check out other free downloads from Wowio "Free Books, Free Minds."

Hat tip Advanced Nano.

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Blogger ivie said...

Yeah, that's gr8.

The only thing is its for wowio subscribers :

1. With e-mail ID from certified domains as per wowio (or)

[ there is a second option one may try i.e ]

2. Upload Scan Of A Valid ID

That's Really, WOW !!

AAAAh, Oui :)
-- Arjun.

Wednesday, 14 February, 2007  
Blogger al fin said...

I was happy enough with EOC
, but some people might want to jump through Wowio's hoops for the version 2.0.

Wednesday, 14 February, 2007  

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