30 November 2006

Failing US Government Schools Corrupt--Bypass Methods Needed

Across the United States, government school districts are plagued by incompetence and corruption. The education of students is too often secondary to lining the pockets of teachers' union officials and other corrupt participants in the taxpayer funded system.

In St. Louis, Missouri, charter schools are booming as an alternative to the corrupt and violent school districts.

In Baltimore, Maryland, where many government schools are in critical condition on life support, applications for new charter schools are multiplying rapidly.

In Denver, Colorado, a successful virtual charter program is under attack by corrupt politicians, at the behest of the Colorado teachers' unions.

In Los Angeles, California, billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad is donating over US $10 million to charter schools to bypass the corrupt California Board of Education, and the LA Unified School District. Both institutions are fighting to hold onto every taxpayer dollar they can funnel into their incompetent and corrupt grasp.

In Arizona, the Goldwater Institute is calling for abolition of government school district monopolies.

Single sex education is another alternative to traditional government schooling that may help many students. Given that students often do better with instructors of the same sex, same-sex classrooms may become more prevalent.

The range of alternatives varies from charter schools, school choice options and vouchers, virtual schools, home schooling, and other approaches that may not have been imagined yet. The need to bypass the corruption and near complete incompetence of government schooling is acute.


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“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” _George Orwell

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