19 February 2006

New Blog Discovery: Beta Rhythm

Update 20 Feb 2006: Several postings have been moved from Beta Rhythm blog to another blog callednanobiologynotes. I just discovered this alteration today, so please adjust your bookmarks accordingly. Here is the new link for the clathrin article. The old link will fail if you try to use it. That is one hazard of linking to websites that may move or be discontinued.

Beta Rhythm blog (see sidebar under cognitive science/neuroscience) has posted an interesting article about clathrin, a polymerising peptide molecule that naturally self-organises to form intracellular vesicles, for transporting molecules into cells, then fusing with lysosomes and other intracellular organelles for intra-cellular processing. Very interesting stuff. He references several excellent sources in this one article, including Botany Online, internet hypertextbook.

I only recently discovered The Beta Rhythm blog family when doing a blog search on some topic or other of interest to me. Looking over the site, I found that other bloggers who I link to have also discovered the blog. The subheading under the blog title reads: ".neurobiology, signal processing, nanotech, genetic engineering, creativity, music." He also provides links to fine sources, on his sidebar and particularly within his articles. His graphics are of the highest quality.

Anyone drawn to the science content of this blog would likely enjoy surfing the blog Beta Rhythm and nanobiologynotes blog.

Science blogs that I visit regularly and draw a lot of information and material from include:

Intelligence Testing
Singularity News

and many others listed on the sidebar. I have begun listing some science and specialty blogs inside category listings of specialty topics in the sidebar, rather than the blogroll. Eventually I may surrender and utilise a third party blogroll managing service. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know.
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