27 January 2006

Society Decides Against Boys

Hat tip to Intelligence Testing for the link to Professor Werner Wittman's presentation on gender differences at the 12th biennial meeting of the ISSID in Adelaide.

The pdf file of the presentation is here. Professor Wittman presents data on measured sex differences, and discusses the significance of current popular educational approaches to dealing with these differences (ignoring them). He concludes that educational systems are skewed toward girls' superior reading and language skills, particularly in the early and middle years. As a result many boys may end up being discarded and cast aside by the system.

Christina Hoff Sommers, in her excellent The War Against Boys, goes in much more detail to explain how assumedly well intentioned reforms in educational training and implementation have resulted in the trashing of a substantial proportion of boy students.

Colleges are approaching a graduation ratio of 60% female to 40% male. Schools of education are pretending there is no problem, even while Microsoft, NASA, Boeing, and most large corporations in north america are bemoaning the coming dearth of qualified engineering graduates. Males are statistically superior to females in spatial skills which are utilised in math, physics, engineering, computer science, architecture, and several other occupations. The higher the level of skill in math, the greater the discrepancy in qualification between males and females.

Anthropologist Lionel Tiger described this process as it was occurring. There can no longer be any doubt of the fallout from these misguided policies in Colleges of Education. Only rigidly mindless political correctness prevents professors of education from admitting their mistake and trying to make amends.

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Blogger Letty Cruz said...

Ah! Here at last is an issue on which I can wholeheartedly agree with you! I mentioned in my first post on your blog how I dropped auto shop due to the attitude voiced by most of the male characters in my class period. Then in all fairness I will say that auto shop literally kept my younger brother from dropping out of high school. His auto shop teacher was the only one at the time who had respect for the boys in his class, who were written off by pretty much the rest of the teaching staff as below-average academic peformers at best and "grease monkeys" and "ditch diggers" at worst -- not joking, I heard those expressions used by both an English teacher and the vice pricinpal. Anyway, my brother always tested high in math and spatial cognition, etc., but fell into the wannabe "gangsta" set in middle and high school, so he was shunted off to voc ed and auto shop classes. The auto shop teacher at the time made it very clear that mechanical aptitude crucial to society, etc., and pushed his students to get through high school and apply to voc ed schools or the community college mechanical programs, or even go for engineering, etc. OK, I'll stop rambling now, and thanks for providing all the great posts with sourcing regarding "global warming" -- that bs drives me up a wall, and that's another area on which we're on the same page!

Saturday, 16 February, 2008  
Blogger al fin said...

Thanks for the comment, BF.

It is not my intent to cause anyone to agree with me in any way, or on any topic. It is my intent only to induce people to see issues from different points of view from the mainstream--and perhaps to induce them to give certain issues more thought than mainstream ideologues would like.

Saturday, 16 February, 2008  

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