04 January 2006

A Rising Star in Neuroscience

In a recent Science and Consciousness Review, Giulio Tononi is featured in an article by Henri Montandon. Tononi's full article, "An Information Integration Theory of Consciousness," which is described by Montandon, is also available.

Giulio Tononi may be the type of scientist who can give Jeff Hawkins a run for his money in the race to create a workable model of consciousness.

Gerald Edelman is well known to students of neuroscience and consciousness. Less well known is his frequent collaborator, Giulio Tononi.This link will take you to some reviews of "A Universe of Consciousness", by the two scientists.

I had intended to write a longer feature on Tononi two weeks ago, but got sidetracked. Thanks to mindhacks.com for reminding me. In the future I plan to compare some of the key concepts of Edelman, Tononi, Hawkins, and other consciousness researchers, in order to find key differences and similarities.

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