04 January 2006

Frozen Egg Baby Born Healthy

A 41 year old nurse in Kentucky gave birth 31 Dec., 2005, to the first frozen donor egg baby from a commercial egg donor bank. Now women can receive donor eggs that have been preserved by freezing, just as they have long been able to receive donor sperm that had been frozen.

Well over 100 babies have been born from frozen human eggs, but the technology has now gone commercial, allowing recipients to match egg donors for physical similarities with the birth mother. With new technology that allows women to have ovarian stem cells frozen and later converted to eggs, along with the new frozen egg technology, women are acquiring more options for conception than ever. The "biological clock" may be slowing just a bit.

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Blogger VFW said...

I wish this technology had been available to my wife and I when we first got married. At the time, neither of us wanted any children so she stayed on birth control up until about 10 years ago. Now however she and I have not been able to conceive due to her age and lack of viable eggs. We have come to accept this and still have a very good relationship but having the options that are available to women today would have been great. She could have frozen some of her eggs until she was ready to use them. This is a new age.

Thursday, 05 January, 2006  
Blogger al fin said...

Child bearing is not a problem after menopause. Hormones can prepare the uterus for implantation of the IVF embryo. The question may be whether there are still viable stem cells in a woman's ovaries, that can be converted to eggs. Failing that, is the woman willing to bear a child using a donor egg?

Thursday, 05 January, 2006  
Blogger Lenny said...

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Monday, 09 January, 2006  

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